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Nairobi CBD

Diamond 10K Series

The Diamond 10K Run Nairobi

We believe that daily exercise is crucial in our quest towards a healthier world. As long as people keep moving everyday they will achieve a happier, healthier life. For most adults, the 10 Km distance is long enough to represent a challenge that is achievable (with training).

Nairobi is a city full of wonderful contrast from its historical past to its multi-ethnic culture and modern skyscrapers, plus it is home to approximately 3.1 million people. The DIAMOND 10K NAIROBI run is one of a kind, showcasing the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD).

This healthy fun filled run is where we believe we can unearth (like diamonds) Nairobi’s young hidden talent and where we can nurture & develop them into tomorrow’s world champions, while keeping people moving.